Hi! I’m Lindsey, mom to Baby J, a 4.5 month old going on 4 year old full of personality and chaos. Motherhood has challenged me in ways that I never expected. I always knew I was supposed to be a mom- it was something in my soul to love a child. But getting pregnant and nurturing this baby beyond birth has made me question my purpose. Am I really made for this? Sure, my body is. But what about that soul piece?

I’m just living the chaos of (newly) work-from-home mom with a husband who works crazy hours with a kid, a dog, and a cat who seem to always want to pee with me. I wanted to share the chaos so other moms knew they weren’t alone in the path of motherhood. And knew they were made for this too. Even when we question how we can change one more diaper, wipe one more tear, or spend one more moment in spit-up covered clothes from yesterday.

My husband calls me “crunchy” so you’ll find info like breastfeeding, amber teething necklaces, home remedies, yoga, babywearing, and baby led weaning. My crunch goes further but I won’t bore you with the details. And I totally took that epidural.