motherhood · postpartum

Postpartum is…

  • “You need to come home” texts to your husband.
  • Bawling your eyes out while the baby screams in his crib.
  • Wondering if **insert time** is too early for a glass of wine.
  • Angst in the pit of your stomach.
  • Cherishing the moments of silence- when he’s sleeping, when he’s entertained, when he’s away.
  • Guilt at the anger you feel when he screams.
  • Anxiety that he’s going to wake up too soon.
  • Fear of being alone too long.
  • Worry that he’ll remember that mom wasn’t always happy and okay.
  • Grief over the reality that motherhood is versus the image you thought it would be.
  • Happiness on a good day.
  • Questions over if you really can do this, if you really were made for this.
  • Jealousy of the moms who don’t struggle.
  • Longing for a few days in Mexico.
  • Changing from your spit-up soaked day pajamas to your clean-for-two-minutes sleeping PJs.
  • Eating out, frozen meals, one-hand food prep.
  • Maid service just to feel like a human.
  • Missing your part-time nanny on Spring Break.

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