Happy 5 Months, Baby

Baby J turned 5 months a few days ago. I cannot even believe it. As slow as pregnancy felt, these first few months have been flying by. Weren’t we just bringing him home from the hospital and wasn’t he just a newborn? Now he’s this baby- turning into this kid. Every day, life changes. He is growing physically and mentally so much and so fast.

Happy 5 months, little man!

You are my heart and soul, my favorite little guy. I love your laugh and smiles. I love how you give hugs. I love that you love your daddy so much- even going so far as to show your discontent when he walks out of the room. I love (and hate) that you are so opinionated. You are going to be one fun little guy as you grow and change. I can’t even imagine what life will look like in just a few years as you are walking, talking, and making decisions on your own.

I can tell from these past 5 months that you will not be easy to parent. But that is perfectly okay because you are perfect in every way. You are strong-willed and have been from the very, very start inside my tummy. You hung on through some rough challenges. Even your entry into the world was not easy. You were stubborn then- refusing to turn to let mommy get you out. And here at 5 months, you love to make your voice heard when you’re happy, mad, sad, or excited. Your coos are never quiet. Your squeals of delight can be heard down the road. We love you for your spirit, but you do need to find your inside voice at some point.

You are active, even though you are only just figuring out this crawling thing. You don’t want to just be held and sit for very long. You want to go and move. You hate the same thing over and over- high energy, high maintenance, high needs. You got em.

We love you more than we could even imagine. I love you more than you will ever know. I will forever love you, little man. To the moon and back and back again, you have my heart.




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