the day I became a mother

A year ago, my husband and I sat in the waiting room of my Reproductive Endocrinologist’s office wondering if an ultrasound would prove what the blood tests showed. We had gotten the phone call two days earlier that my hCG was positive- I was pregnant. When the nurse said it, all I could ask was “How is that possible?”

With multiple health conditions that affect fertility, we had prepared our hearts for a long journey before a baby. I had been preparing my body for over a year- getting my health into top control, changing my diet to increase fertility, tracking my basal body temp, my mucus, and everything else disturbing about tracking for fertility. I’d only been off the pill for 4 months and had 1.5 periods. My body temp hadn’t changed and I hadn’t seen fertility signs anywhere (except with every friend’s Facebook announcement about their bundles of joy).

There was no way I was pregnant.

Feet in stirrups, we waited for the doctor to show us something on the fuzzy ultrasound screen. And then, the doctor confirmed what the blood test showed. There was a tiny speck of a growing baby inside me. We estimated 4 weeks and some change. Literally 3 days after making a fertility plan with the Reproductive Endo (that we expected to start at that follow-up/positive pregnancy appointment).

Then and there, my life changed.


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